What do you think of when you hear IBM?

"You used to sell PCs, hard drives, laptops... but what does IBM do now?" This is one question IBMers get asked all the time. In less than 2 minutes, this video effectively shifts the focus from where we've been to the new IBM emerging -- how our cognitive solutions and cloud platform technologies are transforming industries from healthcare, education, and retail to fashion, travel, and weather.


IBMers from across the globe tell us about the culture of diversity and inclusion at IBM. Find out more about diversity at IBM: www.ibm.com/diversity #InclusiveIBM

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At IBM we support you in a variety of ways as we want to enable you to grow, not just professionally, but personally too. Discover what you can do at IBM: http://ibm.co/jobs #WhyIBM

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IBMers work where their ideas make an impact. From developing software that transforms healthcare to designing next-generation sport stadiums, IBMers change the way that people experience the world.

At IBM, every voice contributes. Together, our mathematicians, engineers, coders and designers outthink challenges
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  • Buenas! I'm Ale, I started here as a student and loved it so much, I've been here for 3 years now! How time flies! ✌️ I'm a Graphic Designer in Guadalajara 🇲🇽 but am also a bit of a design thinking expert and 💙 facilitating workshops for my colleagues. 📸: @ale.rizo
  • Hey I'm Silvia 👋 an IBMer in Milan 🇮🇹. I work in marketing and recently had the opportunity to attend an event focused on our security capabilities and our first-of-its kind simulation and security operations center on wheels - the X-Force Command Cyber Tactical Operations Center. It weighs over 23-tons, has a 100TB solid-state disk array and 20 workstations inside, it's very cool! 🤩 📸: @silvia_carioni
  • Here's some of the Philippines 🇵🇭 team living their best life after delivering a great business result! 💙 Which is your favorite expression? 💭 Let us know by adding an emoji in the comments! ✌️ 🤩 🤔 🤪 🙌 The classic dab is our favorite! Photo credit: @rapidojoe
  • Remember, remember the fifth of November! Bonfire Night was recently celebrated at our offices in Hursley, UK 🇬🇧! It's a country-wide annual celebration where bonfire and firework events are held to commemorate the failed Guy Fawkes Gunpowder Plot to blow up the UK Houses of Parliament in 1605! 🔥 🎆 This great photo from the crowd was grabbed by Philip an Offering Manager based in Hursley. The event drew crowds of over 4,000 people with fun for all the family with music, a BBQ and drinks on offer. 🍔
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